Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things I've Learned This Week (So far!)

Things I've learned this week. (so far!)

  • I am totally capable of doing a full day of reflexology clients, and still end my day feeling completely zen.
  • I need more cushion on my bottom. One way or another. 
  • I will require more pillowcases and towels, unless I can figure out a way to be at peace with doing laundry every single day.
  • My stomach gurgles as much as my relaxing clients stomachs gurgles. And sometimes more. 
  • One CAN own too many bottles of foot lotion. 
  • One can NEVER have too much Witch Hazel on hand.
  • The ladies at Reception are amazing and deserve prezzies.
  • The size of my little room makes no difference when my clients relax so much they fall asleep. 
  • A good datebook is indispensable.
  • A good nailfile is indispensable. (my nails are growing at an alarming rate.)
  • Reflexology fits my life so very beautifully.
I am so appreciative.
I am so thankful.
I am so full of love.

This has been a beautiful and heart filling experience so far!


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