Thursday, December 17, 2015


So Exciting!

These tiny little brown bottles are only 3ml bottles. They have the stainless steel roller ball for easy application.

First on my list is some natural perfume for a girlfriend, with a topnote of peppermint.

My base oils are going to be a from a choice of all natural jojoba, sweet almond oil, grapeseed, and coconut. I'm very excited to get started! In just about everything I'm learning, you must not put essential oil 'neat' on your skin, with the exception of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender. So I'll be playing with blends.

I suffer from migraines and headaches, so I'm eager to concoct some blends to help me with that.

Also, I want to start making salves, lip balms, and some other perfume blends. Must wait for the bottles to arrive though. Soap would be fun too.

I think making the little pamphlets to go with the bottles will take more work than the actual mixing and blending of essential oils to base oils.

If you are looking for some oil blends, I can make them, or if you are looking for just the oils, I can help you with that too.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Holistic Massage Therapy.

I have completed my Holistic Massage Therapy course! In Midland, my course only allows me to offer spa therapy, and not a massage as completed by an RMT.

I'm pretty happy about it, however! It has helped me feel confident in relaxation spa massage, and it has added to my Reflexology and Quantum Healing/Reiki sessions.

Just wanted to give everyone an update of what I'm up to!

Next on my path, to add to everything I'm doing, is Aromatherapy!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

I love Autumn!

I love Autumn! The cooler weather makes me happy and poetic, the kids are back in school and it seems like order is restored.

Autumn is also the time of year when we get back on track with our wellness routines. It's nice to see all the new and familiar faces in the reflexology chair.

We've been busy at Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre over the summer. The new H2O Massage Table is up and running (and it is DELIGHTFUL. let me tell you. I use it for 10 minutes on Friday eve, for a quick relaxing transition into the weekend.)

The ladies have been busy painting the walls in a new healing colour that we think you'll love. (We love it!)

There are some new practitioners that are coming into the building to add to our diverse staff.

Also, we've still got our HUGE 10th anniversary gift basket draw that takes place in December. Come on in to put your name in the ballot basket!

And of course, give yourself an immunity boost for the upcoming season with a Reflexology session.  (I've got some freebie cards for you to try the H2O Massage Table. )

Happy Autumn!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

World Reflexology Week SPECIAL - $25

The International Council of Reflexologists Asks You To
Join Us...For a Healthier World!
ICR members worldwide are celebrating and participating in World Reflexology Week,
September 20th to 26th, 2015, to raise awareness of the health benefits of reflexology.
In celebration, I'm pleased to announce the following special event!

Any appointment booked with me to take place that week will be only $25! (Regular value $65)
Book early to get your best spot.

I am available on:
Monday, September 21st
Thursday, September 24th,
Friday, September 26th.

You can book your appointment directly through Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre at
message me directly at Facebook. 

Can Reflexology Help You?

Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation, and helps the body to normalize itself naturally. It can help you sleep better, it can lessen or remove pain in your body, and Reflexology can help you feel more energetic!

This is a great opportunity to see how Reflexology will work to help you feel better.

Book your appointment for World Reflexology Week EARLY to get your best choice in appointment time!


Friday, July 3, 2015

Did You Recieve A Random Act of Kindness Card?

How wonderful!

There is NO catch to redeeming the card. It REALLY is good for a free 10 minute foot massage. All you have to do is call the office number listed on the card to book your appointment. My availability is varied, depending on what other clients I'm seeing that day, so have your date book ready to see where our openings match up!

The 10 minute foot massage has a regular value of $15. The office books 15 minutes for me for these, so that we can get you in, get you comfy with a few minutes to spare, and tidy up after. If you book your free massage, and then a paid 15 minutes directly after that, you'll get a 30 minute time slot of foot massage for $15.

The other thing you can do with your card is use it for $10 off a full Reflexology session. Reflexology is a little over an hour of foot pampering, with health benefits.

I am always available to the office on Thursdays, with a few other weekdays sprinkled in between (this changes from week to week) So call early to get the best appointment time for you!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Random Acts of "Kindess"

So, my fantastically mispelled cards arrived, along with my new stamp cards AND my cards with the correct spelling of the word Kindness. Somehow the order was processed at the same time, even though they were ordered a few days apart, and shipped the same day.

I tell you, I read that mispelled card so many times to check for spelling. However, this story has a benevolent outcome.

Although I knew there was no way I could use these cards in the way I had intended (to use in stuffing some gift bags, and to give out when I felt compelled to give an Random Act of Kindness myself (I almost mispelled that word AGAIN!) I didn't want the cards to go to waste.

There's a "Pay it Forward" group for our local Midland Ontario area that I'm a part of, and I see all sorts of people doing all sorts of great things. I shared the image of my mispelled card with them. And then I offered them out for the people on that page to claim, and use.

So, Silver Lining and all that. I am so pleased!

Also, I'm going to have to buy more towels for the office. Based on how these have been claimed, I think I'll be busy!

Be Well!


Saturday, June 13, 2015

PAY IT FORWARD - Free Foot Massage.

I wake up in the morning, and I think "Gods, I love what I do."
(I will also think: "Gods, I sure would love a tea right now...")

I recieved a nice compliment recently. Someone said that they could tell I've done Reflexology for a very long time. I was skilled and very good at it.

I think I giggled in my abashedness, and I told them I've only been practicing for 2 years!

I've been carrying that compliment around in my 'back pocket' ever since.

Today, I'm getting ready to continue with the FUN stuff I've been working on.

1. New Lowered In-Home Reflexology Rates

2. Loyalty Cards! After 9 Reflexology Visits, the 10th is FREE!

3. My Pay It Forward Cards.

I'm pretty excited about these ones! I've only got 100 coming, and they will be numbered. I've wanted to do this for a long time, it felt like the right timing to get it done!!! There's some printing on the back that spells out how to redeem the gift.

I'll be carrying these around town with me, to hand out randomly!!! These will also be given to current clients to give away, when ever THEY want to give a Random Act of Kindness, or participate in Pay It Forward gifts!

Ok. I've got to get some breakfast.....


P.S. I've ONLY just now seen the spelling error. Do you think anyone will notice? (yes. yes I do.)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reflexology Loyalty Cards! FREE Visits!

I've just designed these, and I'm pretty darn excited, because it gives me a way to GIFT my repeat clients! And this thing makes me happy. 

After 9 visits, you get your 10th visit FREE! However, here's a little bonus for you, online! LIKE my Reflexology FACEBOOK page  for an extra stamp. AND if you share the page, you will be rewarded with one extra stamp, too!

And one more bonus... I'll be stamping current client's for all the visits they have had in the last year. Yay!

These cards will be available for pick up with me at the office on King Street by July 26th. (If they are in earlier, I'll let everyone know on my Facebook page.)

Send me a PM on Facebook through the page, and I'll have your stamped card prepped and ready to go!

Yay Rewards!


Sunday, May 17, 2015

New In-Home Reflexology Visit Rates! In Midland Ontario.

I have reduced the in-home Reflexology visit rates for a limited time, to only $50 per session. This is to accomodate people who can't manage the stairs in my office, but also to give everyone the experience of Reflexology in the comfort of their own home.

Friends or family in the same home can book consecutive sessions at the same residence, to a maximum of 3 people per home visit!

For your home Reflexology Therapy Session, I bring my zero gravity chair and all supplies necessary. If you have a comfortable reclining chair that supports the entire length of legs and feet, your own chair can serve as the Reflexology chair.

To book your own in-home reflexology session, see my Appointment Scheduler HERE.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Change in Hours at Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

Changing up my hours and availability at Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre for Reflexology.

As of April 16th, I will only be available in office on Thursdays, by appointment.  ($45 per session.)
I will be available for home visits in the Midland area, evenings and on weekends.  ($65 per session.)

Call the office to book your appointment, or email me directly.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Free Square Credit Card Payment System!

Yesterday, I recieved my Free SQUARE! 

A Square is a device that plugs into your android phone, and allows you to take credit card payments anywhere. Which is fantastic for me and my businesses.

Ofcourse, the first step was that I had to get an ANDROID phone. I had been using an old one with a sliding keyboard. And I loved it. But I really wanted this SQUARE. So, I finally upgraded. The kids welcomed me into "modern times."

I took my first credit card transaction on the Square yesterday, after downloading the app ALL BY MYSELF. (I did have to ask my personal tech support if I was doing it right though, and a question about my phone settings.) It was very easy! I have friends who have been using this for AGES and have had no problem recieving their earnings the next day, deposited right into their bank account.

So, what does this mean for my Reflexology clients? It means that home visits are far easier for everyone. No need to have cash on hand for me to come and visit your home for your Reflexology sessions! Convenient! Square can also be used as a regular payment system, you can hook it all up in your office to record ALL of your transactions

I checked out the backoffice, and there are lots of options for creating your store, with all your items and options.

If you've been thinking about it, no more putting it off! They'll send you a free Square for Credit Card processing HERE.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

10 Common Habits that Damage Your Kidneys

The kidneys are important body organs, they take care of the urination process in our bodies by filtering body waste and excess of water. Despite being such an important component of our body many of us do not properly care for them and millions of people die each year from kidney disease.
There are habits many of us have that can harm our kidneys.
Here is a list of some habits to avoid for healthy kidneys:

1. Drinking inadequate water
Not drinking enough water is the biggest contributor to damage that our kidneys bear everyday. The main job of our kidneys is to drain metabolic waste from the body and regulate erythrocyte balances. When we do not stay properly hydrated, the renal blood flow decreases, ultimately resulting in accumulation of toxins in the blood.

2. Long-term full bladder
A habit many of us have is delaying the call of nature. When we leave the bladder full of urine for an extended time, different complications in urinary tract may arise: Hypertrophy of detrusor muscle is one example of such complications which may lead to formation of diverticula. Hydronephrosis (increase of urine pressure in kidneys) is another example which is caused by chronic back pressure on kidneys, ultimately resulting in renal failure and even the need for dialysis.

3. Consuming too much sodium
Metabolizing the sodium we consume is another job for our kidneys. The salt we eat is the prime source of sodium and the majority of our sodium intake needs to be excreted. When we eat excessive salt the kidneys keep busy excreting sodium, which may cause long term stress on our kidneys.

4. Consumption of too much caffeine

When we feel thirsty we often choose beverages other than water like soft drinks and sodas. Many of these beverages contain caffeine. Caffeine can elevate blood pressure and high blood pressure puts strain on the kidneys which can damage them.

5. Pain-killer abuse
Taking pain-killers for low-grade pain is a bad habit many people have. Most pain-killers have severe side effects and can damage different organs, such as kidneys. Research shows taking pain pills long term reduces blood flow and deteriorates kidney’s function.

6. Too much protein

Over-consumption of red meat and other protein-rich foods can deteriorate damaged kidneys condition. A protein-rich diet is essentially healthy unless you suffer from kidney damage and your doctor recommends a protein-restricted diet. Too much protein increases the metabolic load on our kidneys.

7. Too much alcohol consumption

When we drink alcohol we often ignore the proper quantity suitable for good health. Too much alcoholic intake is a kidney-damaging habit. Alcohol contains toxins which put stress on our kidneys and can damage them.

8. Smoking
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is bad for almost every organ of the body, including the kidneys. Several studies have shown the connection between smoking and kidney disease.

9. Ignoring colds and flu

Ignoring the common cold and flu is a habit that can cause kidney damage. Studies show people who have kidney disease also have a history of avoiding resting while sick.

10. Sleeplessness
During the night when you sleep, renewal of organ tissues occurs. Therefore, when you do not get sound sleep, this interrupts the renewal process, resulting in damage to the kidneys and other organs.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

10 Year Anniversary! Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, Midland

There was a staff meeting at the Wellness Centre this week, and covered some VERY exciting news! It's the 10th anniversary of business for Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Midland Ontario. We've decided that all year long, we're going to be giving away some awesome gifts to show appreciation to all of our clients over the 10 years.

If you've been a client in the last 10 years, (and we still have your current info on file - address and email.) You will be receiving an email from us with the details, and your ENTRY TICKETS for the draws!

We were talking about some really awesome prizes, but I don't want to give away TOO much. We're going to be collaborating with many local businesses for gift baskets, entertainment, meals and more.

Ofcourse there'll be a free Reflexology session and Tarot Reading included in the gift baskets (I'm just not sure which prizes will be given away on which month yet!)

Pop into Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre to make sure we've got your updated information!



P.S. If you AREN'T  a past or current client of Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, that's okay! You'll still be able to enter! Watch for my blog entry that tells you how!