Thursday, December 1, 2016

Health Works Chriopractic and Wellness Centre Friendly Competition Smack Down.

There's a little contest going on between the practitioners at Health Works right now. And everyone brought their A-Game.

We decorated the doors on the main floor for the Holidays. We each picked a door number out of a bowl, and although we had some prep time at home, we all set them up on the same day. It was brilliant.

So, the clients don't know who's door is who's. And they are the ones voting on the best door.

I spent an enormous amount of time on my door decoration. ENORMOUS. Mainly because one of the practitioners was smack talkin' that we could all quit before we started because they were gonna win. (I will name no names in regards to who started the smack talk, but I think the rest of us in the office have them SWEATING buckets with our amazing doors.)

I don't have any pictures of the doors, as today was a very busy day in the office - too many people in the hallways to get a good pic of any door at all! But, you should pop in and see the amazing doors. Get yourself a half hour reflexology appointment booked, and then vote for the best door!