Thursday, February 12, 2015

Free Square Credit Card Payment System!

Yesterday, I recieved my Free SQUARE! 

A Square is a device that plugs into your android phone, and allows you to take credit card payments anywhere. Which is fantastic for me and my businesses.

Ofcourse, the first step was that I had to get an ANDROID phone. I had been using an old one with a sliding keyboard. And I loved it. But I really wanted this SQUARE. So, I finally upgraded. The kids welcomed me into "modern times."

I took my first credit card transaction on the Square yesterday, after downloading the app ALL BY MYSELF. (I did have to ask my personal tech support if I was doing it right though, and a question about my phone settings.) It was very easy! I have friends who have been using this for AGES and have had no problem recieving their earnings the next day, deposited right into their bank account.

So, what does this mean for my Reflexology clients? It means that home visits are far easier for everyone. No need to have cash on hand for me to come and visit your home for your Reflexology sessions! Convenient! Square can also be used as a regular payment system, you can hook it all up in your office to record ALL of your transactions

I checked out the backoffice, and there are lots of options for creating your store, with all your items and options.

If you've been thinking about it, no more putting it off! They'll send you a free Square for Credit Card processing HERE.