Monday, February 3, 2014

Reflexology Referral Cards!

... Please don't let there be any spelling errors... Please...
(do you ever feel this way upon doing some printing??? I used Vistaprint’s Semi-Annual Sale: Up to 50% off sitewide + Free Shipping! )

I've always had a referral program in place, but it was always generally word of mouth, and dependant on the new client letting me know who referred them.

This way, if you refer a new client, you'll be sure to get your referral bonus. And what is YOUR bonus? YOU as the referrer get $10 off your next treatment too. (I also allow you to accumulate those $10 referral bonuses, to get your treatments FREE.)

Okay. I've officially said 'refer' too many times.

If you'd like a few of these cards, come on into the office to pick them up, or contact me through Facebook and I'll get a few into your hands!