Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reflexology is NOT a Foot Massage

For anyone that may not know, or that may be trying reflexology for the first time-if you have bought a “deal”, and just to clarify what a FOOT REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT actually entails, here’s what you should know to help distinguish between a Reflexology Treatment as opposed to a foot massage.

 The therapy is provided by a trained and Certified Reflexology Practitioner/Therapist.  There are several schools of reflexology.  A RAC trained and certified practitioner receives the highest standard of training and registered practitioners are assigned a membership number if belonging to a governing body/association such as The Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC).  An RCRT – Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist must ensure they are continually upgrading their skills and knowledge.

The RCRT Professional Development & Continuing Education Policy & Guidelines were established by the Reflexology Association of Canada. Its mandate is to maintain professional standards for the profession, to maintain the respect and safety of the public and health professionals alike & to meet future regulatory requirements for both government and insurance bodies.  Among other stipulations, RCRT practitioners maintain 30 continuing education units (CEU’s) per 3 year cycle.

Upon an initial visit, a qualified practitioner will conduct a complete, thorough and confidential health assessment with their client.  Although safe for everyone, a few contra-indications are checked for before beginning a treatment.  A visual inspection of the feet will enable the practitioner to see if swelling is present around the ankles (edema), checking for plantar warts (highly contagious and should not be worked on or touched), and lacerations on the feet. To err to caution, best to avoid working on the reproductive system and reflexes of a client that is pregnant and in their first trimester. This is revealed when completing a confidential health record.

Using a precise set of techniques, and using mainly the thumbs and fingers, the practitioner will apply deep pressure (10-20 lbs. PSI) over the reflexes or nerve endings of the feet between 45 to 60 minutes.   Not to worry…for those of you who are ticklish, this will not make you giggle. Meant to be relaxing, if there are areas of tenderness or even pain, they are indicators of deficiencies and by working over the areas, help to restore balance to the body.

So, although having a foot massage is very nice, Reflexology is not a foot massage!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Before Time Runs Out!

So, for a limited time I'll be doing $20 reflexology sessions. These normally run for $50 to $55, and they WILL be going up to that after January 30th.

Now, you can book your own session at Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre by calling the office. OR you can purchase a gift certificate for anyone for the holidays, and if they book a date before Jan 30th, they can get THEIR session! You'll be getting them a $50 treatment as a gift, for only $20.

Reflexology is amazing for relaxation! And being relaxed helps your immune system do it's job. Give the gift of wellness - to yourself and your friends :)


Monday, December 10, 2012

Reflexology and Foot Care for Diabetics

Reflexology is actually incredibly beneficial for both circulation and the nerves within the feet. And aside from all the other benefits that can be gained by regular reflexology for diabetics the benefits in reducing foot discomfort in my experience really are quite amazing.

Reflexology is great for the localised symptoms of poor circulation and neuropathy (a tingling, numbness, coldness, pain or loss of sensation due to nerve damage).

But reflexology can do more than that. By working on the feet to stimulate and balance the whole body, and by spending time on specific areas within the body though reflex points in the feet, reflexology can help to return the body back to a balanced state and encourage a general feeling of health and vitality.

By working on the pancreas reflex and generally the reflexes of the endocrine (hormonal) system reflexology can encourage the production of insulin by helping the cells that produce the insulin to work as efficiently as possible.

The liver reflex would be another key area to work on through reflexology, due to its processing functions being effected by an increase in blood sugar levels.

Reflexology is also great for symptom management; the areas worked on would vary depending on the individuals needs but examples would be the digestive system to reduce nausea and pain or the urinary system to help with the excessive urination.

Initially it is recommended to have regular treatments, once or twice a week. As general vitality and health improve the sessions can be spread out further until they would be once every month to 6 weeks as maintenance. Or until they are no longer required (such as in the case of gestational diabetes)

For my aftercare relaxing massage, I'm using Zim's Crack Creme, a specially formulated lotion for diabetics.

To book your reflexology appointment in Midland Ontario, contact Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre705-526-6900

A daily foot care regimen can help will help keep your feet heatlhy:
Diabetes Association of Canada Foot Care Pamphlet

Lotions for Reflexology Foot Massage

For the next two weeks, I'll be finishing your relaxing reflexology sessions with a lotioned foot massage. This time of year makes our feet SUPER dry and cracked, and so I've picked up a few special lotions to help heal those dry and cracked feet!

First, I've picked up some Live Clean Spa Therapy Moisturizing lotion. 
This is an Eco Friendly lotion, with 98% plant ingredients. Phthalate free, paraben free, petroleum free, mineral oil free, dye free. I like that this lotion is Pure Vegan, hypoallergenic and never tested on animals. 

Some of the incredients include: lavendar, chamomille, rosemary, eucalyptus, coconut oil, mandarin orange, pepermint, and lemon.

I also have a foot lotion that is made for diabetics, who need special foot care. The lotion I've picked up is Zim's Crack Creme.
I will be going into detail in another blog entry about why diabetics need to specially care for their feet, and how to do that!

See me at Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. Call 705-526-6900 for availability.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Schedule is LIVE for Reflexology in Midland Ontario

My schedule is LIVE at the front desk of Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre as of today.

I have a varied availability that is different nearly each day of the week. My goal is to accomodate different schedules for clients by offering some morning and afternoon openings. The hours available are anywhere between 9am and 4pm. The office closes at 5 or 6pm, depending on the day, and a reflexology session takes approximately an hour and a half from start to finish.

Right now, I have an introductory rate! A Reflexology session is usually $50 to $60, but for a limited time, I am offering them in my Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre office at the introductory rate of $20! This rate will only be available for a very short amount of time. If reflexology is something that you have wanted to try, or you already know you love it and want to take advantage of this very generous offer, call the offices to book your appointment.


Reflexology Introductory Rate

Reflexology in Midland Ontario will regularly cost $50 to $60 dollars per session. A session will last approximately an hour, not including going over health history and recovery time. (After a reflexology session, you will be completely relaxed and need a few minutes to come back to your senses!)

For a limited time, you can experience the benefits of reflexology in Midland Ontario for a special introductory rate of $20.

To book an appointment for your relaxing and rejuvinating reflexology appointment, call Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Midland Ontario.

Reflexology can help improve your immune system, relieve stress, improve circulation and relieve pain. Lori can also use healing touch / reiki along with the physical manipulation of the feet.