Friday, July 3, 2015

Did You Recieve A Random Act of Kindness Card?

How wonderful!

There is NO catch to redeeming the card. It REALLY is good for a free 10 minute foot massage. All you have to do is call the office number listed on the card to book your appointment. My availability is varied, depending on what other clients I'm seeing that day, so have your date book ready to see where our openings match up!

The 10 minute foot massage has a regular value of $15. The office books 15 minutes for me for these, so that we can get you in, get you comfy with a few minutes to spare, and tidy up after. If you book your free massage, and then a paid 15 minutes directly after that, you'll get a 30 minute time slot of foot massage for $15.

The other thing you can do with your card is use it for $10 off a full Reflexology session. Reflexology is a little over an hour of foot pampering, with health benefits.

I am always available to the office on Thursdays, with a few other weekdays sprinkled in between (this changes from week to week) So call early to get the best appointment time for you!