Thursday, January 7, 2016

Headache, Migraine Relief Helpers.

All the oils are in for the headache and migraine relief recipes that I wanted to throw together, as well as for the natural perfumes requested by some people.

I've mixed up a few different ones, and I'm going to test them out so I can provide some extra information about what sort of headache relief can be anticipated. After being mixed, they really need to sit for a bit anyway for maximum effect.

I'll be providing expiration dates. The essential oils themselves last for a year after being opened, before they really start to lose potency, but the carrier oils expire much faster after being exposed to air. With the little roller bottles in amber, they should last much longer, as they aren't being exposed to air every time you use it, only when I initially mix the recipes together.

Going to have to do some math on cost, for each recipe, as some oils are more expensive than others. My whole point of this excerise was to find some personal relief from  migraines and headaches naturally, but also to be able to make these available to others at an affordable amount.

These bottle are small - 3ml is what they hold. I wanted to start with smaller bottles to test everything out, and see how long they last. If there's any interest in larger quantities (if you are using it up faster.) then I will definetely get some 5ml bottles in.

Next after this is to create some muscle rubs and massage oils for muscle relaxation.

Connect with me if you are interested!