About RAC and SNHS

Reflexology National Certification Courses 


To become certified with the Reflexology Association of Canada, practitioners are required to complete a formal 35- hour course, a 15-hour home study workbook, 60 case studies, a 2-hour written exam, and a practical exam. The 60 case studies must be completed within one year from the start of the course.
The written exam must be completed within 3 months following the last day of the course. You must be certified in foot reflexology before progressing to hands and ears.

The Reflexology Association of Canada is a federally chartered nonprofit association formed in 1976 with members from coast to coast.
The prime objectives are to set and maintain high standards among practicing Reflexologists, to promote the advancement of quality training, examination and certification, to share ideas, and to develop an effective referral system across North America. Lori Petroff has taken the RAC course and is a current member in good standing, and is a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist.

School of Natural Health Sciences

To graduate with a Reflexology diploma as a practitioner/therapist with the School of Natural Health Sciences, practitioners are required to complete approximately 200 hours of study to complete a foundation course, with 8 module tests, 9 case studies, plus a written practical exam.  

Reflexology offered by The School of Natural Health Sciences (SNHS) is an accredited course by the International College of Holistic Medicine ( I.C.H.M.),  The International Institute for Complementary Therapies, The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and The Australian Committee of Natural Therapies. Lori Petroff has completed the SNHS Reflexology course with honours.

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