Ion Cleanse Foot Bath Detox - NEW

What is the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath?

The Ion Cleanse Foot Bath is an interesting and painfree way to help detoxify your entire system. It’s a Footbath into which we introduce an array that sends a small painless current through the body and generates positively charged ions.Also called hydrotherapy, the high concentration of the ion field attaches to the negatively charged toxins, neutralizing them. The body is then able to discard the toxins through the 2000 pores on the bottoms of your feet.

How Does It Help?

The cleanse can result in less bodiy fluid retention, reduced inflammation, improved memory, greater bladder control, a more balanced PH, a stronger immune system, significant pain relief including from headaches, gout and arthritis pain.

What Happens During a Session?

Prior to the first treatment, the clients medical history is discussed and the required paperwork is filled out. The foot bath is prepared for the client, and the client is to remove all metal jewellery, glasses, etc. Sitting in a chair and being made comfortable, the client then immerses their feet into the foot bath. The practitioner secures a wristband to the client to complete the circuit for the cleanse, and begins the treatment. The clients feet stay in the water to detox for approximately 30 minutes.

Who CANNOT Have The Treatment?

The Ion Cell Cleanse is safe for most people; However, the followign cannot have the treatment:
  • People with a pacemaker.
  • Woman who are pregnant or lactating.
  • People with implanted organs
  • People with epilepsy.
  • People undergoing any form of radtiation or chemotherapy.
  • People with Type 1 Diabetes.
  • People with open wounds on their feet.
  • People wit blood diseases and/or blood thinning disorders.
  • The Ion Cleanse should not be used by children under the age of 6


How Should I Prepare for my Treatment?

 If it is your first session with me, prepare to arrive 15 minutes early, as there are health forms to fill out. Have your feet as clean as possible (which I understand can be a challenge if you are coming on lunch break or half way through the day - not to worry, I also clean your feet with witch hazel before your session.) Also, be sure to have your nails clipped. Wear comfortably fitting clothing with no metal parts, so your whole body will be able to relax.
Also, be aware that in my Midland location, my work space is up a flight of stairs. If this is a problem due to mobility, please contact me for possible alternate arrangements. 


How Will I Feel After an Ion Cell Cleanse?

After the first treatment or two, your body may respond in a very definite way. You will most likely have a feeling of well-being and relaxation. However, you may experience:

  • Mild lethargy, or 
  • A burst of energy. 
  • Healing Crisis. (Emotional or physical release of tension.)
  • Deep and satisfying sleep
  • Reduced or no pain from ailments.
  • Sweating, thirst
  • Improved circulation
  • Relief from chronic or acute illness
 This is all transitory as the body naturally heals and balances itself. Any response is vital information to share with your therapist, as it shows how your body is responding to treatment and signals if adjustments may be required to the treatment protocol.


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