Thursday, December 17, 2015


So Exciting!

These tiny little brown bottles are only 3ml bottles. They have the stainless steel roller ball for easy application.

First on my list is some natural perfume for a girlfriend, with a topnote of peppermint.

My base oils are going to be a from a choice of all natural jojoba, sweet almond oil, grapeseed, and coconut. I'm very excited to get started! In just about everything I'm learning, you must not put essential oil 'neat' on your skin, with the exception of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender. So I'll be playing with blends.

I suffer from migraines and headaches, so I'm eager to concoct some blends to help me with that.

Also, I want to start making salves, lip balms, and some other perfume blends. Must wait for the bottles to arrive though. Soap would be fun too.

I think making the little pamphlets to go with the bottles will take more work than the actual mixing and blending of essential oils to base oils.

If you are looking for some oil blends, I can make them, or if you are looking for just the oils, I can help you with that too.