Thursday, May 29, 2014

Outdoor Reflexology Treatments. Aaaaaaah

Nice days like today WANT me to be giving reflexology treamtments outdoors.

And then I realized that I COULD!

I own a quick pop up tent, complete with bug screening. I own two folding zero gravity chairs. All of the things that I need for a Reflexology treatment could fit in a little bag.  I would only need a source of water to properly wash my hands before and after treatments.

It would be wonderful to be able to give Reflexology treatments outside in a clients back yard! Being at your place of residence, enjoying the sounds of summer in your yard. Imagine it!

Monday, May 26, 2014


I picked this little number up today!

This is an addition for Reflexology treatments. However, I'll only be able to use this for at home treatments. My office doesn't have everything I would need to have a water bath going.

I'm really excited about it though!

At home treatments are only $70 in the Midland area. I bring my zero gravity chair (unless you have a recliner that will support your entire leg and feet. Then, we can just use yours.) And I bring lotion or oils (depending on your preference.) You can sit yourself outside, or inside. You can listen to music of your choice, or have complete silence. The actual treatment time is 60 minutes, but with the foot bath, setting up, treatment, and then notes, I suggest planning on 2 hours for home visits.

Please email me for scheduled availability for home visit Reflexology treatments in Midland Ontario. A lovely way to do something really nice for yourself, or someone you adore!