Saturday, February 20, 2016

News For March!

The "I Love You February" Reflexology special was a HIT!

As I write this, there are only 2 more spots left, both for Thursday February the 25th. I expect those to be filled before the weekend is through.

It was delightful to meet so many new people and introduce them to the benefits of Reflexology. I love hearing the stories of how it has helped them get better sleep, feel better in their bodies, and begin to retrain their bodies and minds to relax!

We're heading into March, and with that comes a few new exciting things for Reflexology in Midland.

First, March 11th, I'll be moving into a new room within Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. I'll still be on the second floor, but I'm moving into a room that was freshly painted in a wonderful calming blue and cream. It was painted about two months ago, so there will be zero fumes to worry about.

I'll be bringing some essential oils into the office, to mix in with an unscented foot lotion or oil for the massage at the end of your reflexology session. There will be a few different ones to choose from, depending on your preference. Essential oils have such wonderful effects on the body.

I will have available a small set of speakers for you to plug your ipod or phone into, to play your own relaxing music or playlist, while you have your Reflexology session. Just be sure you have more than an hour of music!

This chilly week has me searching for a warming pad to sit underneath you while you recline in the Reflexology chair. I'll keep you posted with how that search goes.

As always, I still offer the referral 'Thank You' of $10 towards your Reflexology session, when someone you've referred becomes a new client with me. You are free to use those immediately, or accumulate them.

Plus, the stamp card program is still running strong! When your card is filled with stamps from visits (or liking my facebook page!) you get a free session!

See you soon!