Saturday, June 13, 2015

PAY IT FORWARD - Free Foot Massage.

I wake up in the morning, and I think "Gods, I love what I do."
(I will also think: "Gods, I sure would love a tea right now...")

I recieved a nice compliment recently. Someone said that they could tell I've done Reflexology for a very long time. I was skilled and very good at it.

I think I giggled in my abashedness, and I told them I've only been practicing for 2 years!

I've been carrying that compliment around in my 'back pocket' ever since.

Today, I'm getting ready to continue with the FUN stuff I've been working on.

1. New Lowered In-Home Reflexology Rates

2. Loyalty Cards! After 9 Reflexology Visits, the 10th is FREE!

3. My Pay It Forward Cards.

I'm pretty excited about these ones! I've only got 100 coming, and they will be numbered. I've wanted to do this for a long time, it felt like the right timing to get it done!!! There's some printing on the back that spells out how to redeem the gift.

I'll be carrying these around town with me, to hand out randomly!!! These will also be given to current clients to give away, when ever THEY want to give a Random Act of Kindness, or participate in Pay It Forward gifts!

Ok. I've got to get some breakfast.....


P.S. I've ONLY just now seen the spelling error. Do you think anyone will notice? (yes. yes I do.)

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