Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Juice Plus Sweetener and Ingredient TRUTH Exposed!

I had been looking for a Shake-Alternative, that was truly as good as they said. The last shake mix I took was sold to me as being "all natural" - and then upon closer inspection, I found it wasn't. I felt duped. And dumb for not doing my OWN research.

I really love having a shake in the morning. Getting calories in the morning makes sure I DON'T gain unwanted waist weight.

I am also 'MOSTLY' vegetarian, and wanted to be sure I was getting the proper nutrition - even with being conscious of what I eat (local foods, natural foods) it's sometimes easy to miss what's needed in a busy life. 

So, in my search, that has taken some time, I found a product that is affordable, tastes good, AND I did the research on each ingredient listed.

The ONLY ingredient in the list on the shake mix that I DIDN'T recognize as being natural was l-methionine. This is what I discovered about it:

an enzyme that can be found in eggs, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, fish, meats and some other plant seeds; Also found in cereal grains. 


This product is sweetened naturally. This was a big deal to me, after discovering the OTHER shake mix I was taking was infact sweetened artificially with sucralose, a chemical sweetener. When I discovered this, after being told it was all natural, I knew I had to make a change for my health. For my peace of mind!

I am really pleased to find something that I can feel good about giving my kids and putting in my own body. 

Reflexology is just one of the WELLNESS things I do for myself and my family, and want to share with others to help them learn too. I don't want to sound like a commercial - but after feeling duped with another product, I'm pretty excited about finding this. I feel like I can just get on with my healthy lifestyle now, and continue to move forward, instead of being stuck in this breakfast dilemma!

Have a wonderful day!!!


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