Friday, January 11, 2013

Week One! Touching Feet?!

Week One of the $20 Reflexology sessions is complete! And it has been wonderful! So many surprises.

I really love pampering the feet. I think this is because I know just how wonderful this treatment is to recieve. I have had a few people I know say "How can you touch peoples feet all day?"

It's not just "touching feet." This is a lovely treatment, that helps my clients to relax and be well. It has helped them sleep through the night, helped their necks and shoulders release tension, helped relieve them of pain. It makes me really happy to see people allow their bodies and minds to relax.

Because, how often do we really allow ourselves to relax? To release the tension that the day creates, to put your worries away? I feel like I'm in a very special position to encourage my clients to feel better, settled, and let go of their stress.

There are still appointments available in the coming weeks. I'm available Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, but by appointment only.

The office is open today (Friday) until 5 to book your appontments for next week, and then again on Monday at 8:45am. 705-526-6900

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