Sunday, April 27, 2014

Juicy Living with Reflexology!

This month has FLOWN by! Remember how long MARCH took to get through? Sheesh.

It has been busy in my little Reflexology office this month - I'm meeting many new faces, and that just tickles me.

My room at the office has become an extension of my Little Granny Cottage, in a way. My lovely little salt lamp clears the air as well as providing warm light, I've got a selection of new meditative and healing music to choose from. Oh, and I've brought in my Juicy Living Cards.

So, every day, I shuffle them and flip one, and it gives us a lovely inspirational thought for the day. 

It's inspiring to me to hear how Reflexology has helped lift clients spirits, and helped them feel better and more balanced. To help you achieve Holistic Wellness is pure happiness. 

I really sat down to write something informative about Reflexology today. Instead, I find myself just feeling like I want to express a thankfulness for being able to touch so many lives - and feet!


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