Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I Won a Gift Basket! Thanks, Universe!

I won an Easter gift basket today! Let me tell you the Secret of how I won.

I entered the draw some time ago. It was in support of a lovely purpose - The proceeds were being raised to be donated to a program that put books into school libraries and school classes.

I bought the ticket, without really thinking about it as a prize. I felt happy to be supporting a lovely purpose. I love books! And I loved books as a child in a BIG EXCITED way! My vibration was not concerned with the prize, but with what my money was going to do for the end recipients.

Today, when I won, this was a big surprise! And I thought, "How did this happen?" And I remembered back to the day I purchased the ticket.  My vibration was one of love, of happiness, of abundance out into the world.

When I picked up the basket today, I knew my kids would want the EOS lip balm in there, and I looked and thought of all the directions I was going to regift everything else in the basket. And then I saw something in there that I hadn't seen the day I entered the draw for it, or even until I got home... THE RED BOOK.

I have been journalling every day since participating in the month long Law of Attraction Coaching Sessions. I have a book of Thankfulness, and a book of Wisdom. My book of Wisdom is currently a dollar store coil book with a cute poppy cover. THIS book is earmarked to be my next book of Wisdom, when that one is full. And it's getting there.

What you vibrate out energetically and emotionally, you recieve back. I was excited and full of love for kids to get books that mean so much to them, and of bringing them knowledge, discoveries, a-ha moments! I recieved that exact gift back for myself.

The basket itself will most likely come into my Reflexology office to hold the free gifties I offer my clients. Now I get to have fun regifting all the other goodies in there!


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