Monday, January 13, 2014

Music and Reflexology

I often play soft music when I'm doing a Reflexology Session. I find the energy of quiet or meditative music helps with the flow of the session. I find that the music also can really help both client and practitioner relax, and make an easier transition from the hustle bustle of every day, into a meditative state where the body can heal and repair itself.

In my office, I have a small CD player, and I've usually a few differen CD's to choose from. Classical or meditation music, that I've listened to before, to make sure there's not TOO  much excitement in the rhythm. If you are coming to have a Reflexology session with me, or I am coming to your home, and you want to choose your own music to listen to, here are a few tips:

Choose music that keeps a pretty steady and quiet pace. Whether it's classical, modern meditation, chanting, or drumming, make sure that there's not too much variation with the tempo.

Choose music that has quiet or little to no lyrics. Sometimes the words in a song can distract you from deep relaxation.

Choose a music style you like! Even if it's 80's pop or 70's folk, or the music of your youth! Not everyone can relax to classical. Just be sure that the playlist you put together has no vigorous upswings or surprising twists. Or screaming. ;)  Our goal is to get you to a deep state of relaxation, not get you ready to go dancing.

 Listen to the entire hour + long set you've chosen or put together before coming in for Reflexology. You want to be sure there are no surprises, skips, or unwanted selections. These things will distract you from your Reflexology treatment, and the healing you are trying to accomplish in your session.

When you come for Reflexology at Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, you may bring a CD you've put together, or use your mp3 player with ear buds.

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