Saturday, January 18, 2014

Behind the $20 Reflexology Special.

Next week, we kick off "The Almost Anniversary Special" with Reflexology.

I've got back to back bookings all week long, as I am offering Reflexology for only $20 a session. (They have a regular value of $50 to $60.) Regularly I charge only $35. I really want this therapy to be accessable. And often, Reflexology isn't covered under most health plans, for those who have a health plan at all.

Yes, it's almost my Anniversary with doing Reflexology. But this is about a few other things for me also.

It's about me being able to GIVE to others. This therapy is so relaxing, and has so many health benefits (and spiritual benefits if you are open to it, too.) and I really wanted to be able to have some people try it who normally might not get a chance to, or normally wouldn't think about having Reflexology at all. I believe that the Universe evens out energies put out there, and so ofcourse it is a pleasure to be giving!

It's about the absolute JOY I get from giving Reflexology to anyone. It's not only a Joy, but it's also an honour to me, to take part in someone's healing. I've seen so many clients who are feeling better and healing, who are sleeping better, who are experiencing reduced and disappearing pain and better functions. THIS is why I do this.

I am also a Reiki practitioner - Think "healing touch." When I lay my hands on your feet and channel healing energy into you, I am also experiencing this healing energy! In giving you a treatment, in a way I'm getting a treatment too. It's how I can do Reflexology for 7 hours, and still feel happy, rejuvinated, and engaged!

As of writing right now, There are only 6 slots left for the $20 Special ( out of 25 that were available.) If you are curious about how Reflexology can help you, THIS week would be a great week to come in and see me.

I look forward to meeting you!!!


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