Monday, March 18, 2013

I feel AWESOME After a Massage with Samantha Dickey RMT

I just had a fantastic massage. I don't usually 'treat' myself, but I'm discovering that this is really more of a necessity than a 'treat' for me, and many others with muscle and back challenges. I had a herniated disc in my back, and have just lived with the pain it causes from my lower back all the way down to my toes. I am feeling SO grateful for the relief she's given me, in only one half hour session.

Samantha Dickey RMT works out of Health Works Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. She put a heating pad on the massage table, and some warm blankets (I was feeling cold when I came in from the cold.) We had a little talk about what was happening with my lower back.

Her hand movements were slow and thoughtful, while she felt and found the tight muscles under my skin. There were far more than I thought I had! I could feel them as she targeted them with her fingers.

She ended the massage with a neck massage, which was AWESOME. I left feeling so relaxed, my back pain is 95% reduced, the tightness in my neck and back is so much more reduced. I have more movement!

So, Samantha gave me some excersizes (which don't really feel like excersizes at all!) to do, that did NOT involve push ups! They were different from anything ever suggested for me, and made so much sense. She also suggested a better pillow so I can support my neck better. I was just so impressed by her knowledge and her skill.

I know this blog is supposed to be for my OWN Reflexology business, but I'm feeling so much better after having had a massage! And now, It's going to be on my regular health regime. Living with a painful back is no fun, and very distracting. Why wouldn't I share that???

What are you living with, that massage could help?

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